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November 17, 2014




White Friday is less than two weeks away, and Arizona Snowbowl is producing snow around the clock.

With 30 snowmaking machines positioned along Sunset and Hart Prairie runs, Snowbowl plans to make snow whenever temperatures are ideal to accumulate a solid base by their projected opening day, November 28. Snowbowl’s plan includes opening Hart Prairie and Sunset chairlifts, first. Cold temperatures are forecasted to continue this week and the possibility of a winter storm is on the horizon.

Arizona Snowbowl General Manager J.R. Murray is excited for the season to begin.

“We are busy with staff orientation and training, as well as completing all projects in preparation for this season,” Murray said. “Opening Snowbowl is always a very exciting time for the Flagstaff community. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back on the slopes.”

The ability to make snow allows Snowbowl to provide a consistent season for their guests, and allows them to plan their trips with confidence. Snowmaking also allows skiers and snowboarders to enjoy a longer season, including late November and early December operation days.

“Snowmaking has had so many positive effects on both the operation of the resort as well as the guest experience, including allowing skiers and snowboarders to get their ‘ski legs’ ready for those big powder days,” Marketing and Sales Director Jason Stratton, said. “Snowmaking allows Snowbowl to maintain a solid base of snow throughout the entire season, meaning employees can work consistently through the season, and guests can plan winter trips and holidays, including spring break in March.”

Jon Gauld, the Safety and Risk Management Coordinator at Arizona Snowbowl, used the summer months to enhance safety programs on the mountain. After winning their fourth National Safety Award from the National Ski Areas Association, Snowbowl is looking at other ways to encourage safe skiing and riding behaviors for all ages. Now that snowmaking has begun, the winter season seems within reach.

“We’re excited that the temperatures have dipped to the point where we’re able to make snow,” Gauld said. “We can’t wait to see all of our guests back on the mountain for White Friday.”

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