Like a good driver that takes care of their car, a skier or snowboarder should take care of their equipment regardless if they ski or ride fifty days or five days a season.
No matter if your equipment is new or has grown with you through the years, you should always start the winter with a pre-season safety inspection and tune-up.

  1. Have a certified mechanic tune your skis and reset the bindings at the beginning of each season.

  2. Wax your skis every couple of days being used to protect the base.

  3. Switch the skis from left to right foot now and then (just like rotating tires) to distribute wear evenly, unless your skis are specifically designed for each foot.

  4. Wipe your equipment down religiously after every use.  This will help prevent rust.

  5. Transport your equipment either inside the car or in a waterproof bag, again to prevent rust from forming during your drive back home.

  6. Store your equipment in a dry place.

  7. Seal the bases and edges with storage wax at the end of every season to keep from oxidizing and rusting.

  8. Scrape the wax off before skiing the following winter.

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