What should I do if I have trouble filling out the application?

Contact Human Resources at 928-214-4018 or e-mail at

Where is the Arizona Snowbowl located?

The Arizona Snowbowl is located 14 miles northwest of Flagstaff; 7 miles on North Highway 180 (just before mile marker 223). Then turn right on Snowbowl Road and continue another 7 miles.   The Ski Lift Lodge & Cabins at the intersection of Hwy 180 and Snowbowl Road.

I am a student at NAU and I don’t have a car, are there any shuttles that go up to the ski area?

Unfortunately, the Snowbowl does not have any shuttle services.  Carpooling is an option but is not arranged through the ski area.

I see that the Arizona Snowbowl has a job fair coming up, should I attend?

A job fair is an excellent occasion to meet managers from a variety of departments and learn about the many jobs available across the resort. 

Does the Arizona Snowbowl provide employee housing?

The Snowbowl does not have housing available for employees.  The town of Flagstaff is located 14 miles away with housing options.  You may want to try or for available housing.

I’m open to any job that you will give me. Why should I be specific on the application?

Given the large number of applications that we receive there is little time for us to review your qualifications and think through which position might be best for you. We prefer that you take time to consider your interests and skills and apply for a specific position (preferably one that is posted on our employment page) that you feel is most suitable.  You will be the most productive and content working in a position of your choosing. Where do YOU want to work?

I only have time to work on weekends, is that ok?

Schedule requirements differ from department to department.  After applying for a position, you can discuss scheduling with a hiring manager. 

What if I can’t work holidays?

Our busiest times of the season are holiday periods, and staff is expected to be available during those time periods.  Again, after applying for a position, you can discuss scheduling with a hiring manager.

What is the pay schedule; pay dates; pay period?  Do you hold back monies from the first check?

Snowbowl employees are paid every other Friday.  Pay period begins on a Monday and ends on a Sunday.  Direct deposit (highly encouraged), is an efficient and fast way to get paid.  It is available to all employees and takes one payroll cycle to set up.  No monies are held back from the first check.

I have a question that I didn’t see listed, what should I do?

Contact Human Resources at 928-214-4018 or e-mail at



What are typical weather conditions?

Even though we are located in Sunny Arizona, the weather on the mountain can be very different from the rest of the state.  Many times it can be snowing up here and sunny in the town of Flagstaff.  Make sure to bring cold weather clothing.  If you will be working outside waterproof snow boots with soles that have good traction, sun glasses, ski goggles, warm gloves, hat that covers your ears, thick socks, waterproof pants, etc.  Most of these items are available in our retail store with an employee discount.  Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Do you have a policy regarding appearance standards?

Most positions require a Snowbowl vest or jacket; please discuss the expectations directly with your hiring manager.  Arizona Snowbowl employees create and promote the image of the resort.  We want our employees to be NEAT and CLEAN.  For a full list of our appearance guidelines, click here

How long can I expect the season to be?

Our opening date and closing date are dependent on the snowfall.  Year to year the season can vary greatly.  Our average opening date is Mid-December and average closing date is Mid-April, but again, these dates can vary depending on the weather. 

Can I work at the mountain even if I have never skied or snowboarded before?

Definitely.  One of the benefits of working here is a ski pass for the season. We also offer employees free skiing/riding lessons.

Will my spouse and children also be eligible to receive a season pass?

Dependent benefits are provided after 3 completed winter seasons at the Snowbowl.

What if I have already purchased a season pass?

Because an employee season pass is a perk of employment we do have a season pass refund policy for previously purchased season passes. Upon your first day of work you must turn your season pass into Human Resources. The amount of reimbursement will be dependent on the date of hire. Monies are reimbursed through a company check from accounting not through payroll or as a credit to a credit card.



How long can I expect the season to be?

The Summer Skyride season lasts from Memorial Day through Labor Day and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday  through mid-October. Banquets run from the end of the ski season to late fall. The Ski Lift Lodge is open year round.

Does monsoon activity have any effect on lift operation?

If lightning is present the lifts will shut down for 30 minutes.  30 minutes after the last lightning strikes the lifts will resume.  Heavy rains may also put a hold on lifts.

What should I wear if I am working during the summer for the Snowbowl?

Solid color shorts, jeans or other solid color long pants are acceptable attire depending on department, HOWEVER, they cannot be faded, hole ridden or patched. Waist band of pants should overlap the shirt.  Additionally, leg length of shorts should not be below the kneecap nor be classified as "short" shorts.  Ball caps shall face forward.  Each department may have specific policies that need to be followed in addition to those listed above.  In the interest of safety all summer employees shall wear sturdy flat-soled shoes while at work.  Open toed sandals, Tevas, clogs, slides or other casual footwear are not deemed safe and are not allowed.

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